Creating Origami  

If you've ever wondered how an origami designer thinks or wanted more information on how to create new models yourself – this book is for you. In Creating Origami J.C. Nolan brings you inside the creative process in glorious detail. Nolan describes his experience of exploration, trial, error, struggles and successes as he worked out the origami design process and documented his experience during his growth in knowledge and expertise.

The first 100 pages of the book document his thoughts on the creative experience, strategies, tools and tricks of the trade. This is followed by more than 50 models that Nolan designed or was inspired by through this process of discovery.

The models range in difficulty from simple to complex, represented by well-drawn diagrams, with designs from famed creators Fred Rohm, Patricia Crawford and others. Included are beautifully detailed instructions for his popular Andrea’s Rose and Braided Paper as well as the famous two-color Clownfish and Sea Anemone, amazing, classic designs for origami enthusiasts of all ages.

After 15 years of being out of print, Creating Origami is a rare, sought-after classic, original copies of which are jealously guarded by lucky collectors who were able to obtain them upon its first release. Now, after a successful and well publicized re-launch campaign on, Creating Origami is once again available to a new generation of fans, folders, and designers.

A must-have book for the technical folder or budding creator!

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Origami Kids  
The “Origami Kids” series is dedicated to inspiring youthful folders to design and document models of their own. Contained within this book are 30 wonderful projects created by young folders – some who were simply experimenting and came upon an exciting new creation and some who are serious designers who went on to become recognized names in the origami community. All proceeds for “Origami Kids” and its subsequent volumes are donated to OrigamiUSA and “Origami by Children” fund to foster creativity and exploration in young designers and folders.

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Mooser's Train  

Mooser's Train has inspired and challenged folders for nearly five decades. For the first five years after its creation the only existing documentation was a hand-written crease map with no instructions whatsoever. Later, in 1967, hand-written notes were added by Raymond McLain but it was still left up to the reader to decipher a folding sequence on their own.

It was not until 25 years later that the notes became widely available and far more readable when Dr. Robert Lang reproduced clarified versions in his book "Origami Design Secrets" in its excellent chapter on box pleating. It was not until late 2012 when my friend Hank Simon generously arranged to have diagrams produced and made available for everyone. These pages make the model fun and approachable for folders of all ages!

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